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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 16, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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you are. >> sean: we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight joe biden comes out swinging. he is slamming the g.o.p. kuandz by named and kicking up talk of class warfare. what do republicans think of vice president biden on campaign trail. another blowup over voter i.d. applause, are they squeezing out large groups of voters or preventing voter fraud. david axelrod gets grilled over hypocrisy over media takes on women. since you are watching you are not in line tonight but some people are lined up to buy apple's newest ipad. all that minutes away. but first, obama administration unveils campaign game plan. for the kickoff, vice president joe biden steps on the battled
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field and goes on the attack. vice president joined a stark contrast and ratcheting up the class war fore. >> romney, gingrich as an santorum have a fundamentally different philosophy than we do. our philosophy, ours is one that values the workers and the success of a business. it values the middle-class and success of our economy. simply stated, we're about promoting the private sector. they are about protecting the privileged sector. >> greta: and an attack to the g.o.p. candidates. obama campaign setting up a good strategy. good evening senator. senator, vice president biden says the democrats value workers and middle-class and economy and you don't? >> i have to say greta he is trying to rewrite the history
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history of this administration. they have racked up more debt than a combination of all the other presidents combined. i'm still worried about our country right now. think about it 24 million americans that are unemployed or underemployed right now. we have 37 straight months of over 8% unemployment. largest since the great depression. when you think about fairness, it's not fair to the people who are unemployed right now what this administration is doing. their policies have made it so much worse. >> greta: i can't help notice the class warfare aspects when they talk about how one party cares for the privileged and other party cares for the middle-class, but i've yet the very poor of our but looking for opportunity and who is advocating for them. this class warfare, where is it
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going to take us come november? >> i think the american people are going to see through this. this president ran on a record that he was going to unite our nation. now, he is trying to divide the nation. people will see through it with the record of administration in terms of jobs, people who are floyd or underemployed and what people are dealing with. it's not going to cover up for the record of this administration and where we are with the economy. >> greta: in terms of the middle-class and the poor, what is your party going to do for them? >> we're going to make sure this is the land of opportunity. right now as i said before, we're spending so much money, last month was the largest deficit in history of our country. we're denying the next generation the opportunities we've all had in the greatest country on earth. we're going to make sure we deal with the issue of gas prices. you think about the president denying the keystone pipeline.
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this is something that would put 20,000 americans to work and we could get oil from our friend canada. instead, he is bending in favor of the hard left environmentalists instead of doing something that makes sense. these are issues that matter to americans. people are paying $40 more to fill up their tanks. >> greta: new hampshire newspaper, tell me whether it's right or wrong, if the white house senate democratic leaders fail to argument there will be bipartisan rebellion to pass a federal budget. it sounds like you are fed up. >> i am. it's been over a thousand days. senate has passed a budget. harry reid it would be foolish for us to pass a budget. i think it's incredibly foolish they don't want to do the basics for the country. how are we going to deal with the debt if we don't do a budget.
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this president's budget when it was proposed last year got zero votes, 97-0. that is another example of the failure of this president. that is going to come out of this election because republicans have a fiscal plan to get us on track. >> greta: where do you get a bipartisan rebellion, i guess you can find a rebellion, where is this bipartisan rebellion coming from? >> you i've heard members on the other side of the aisle express frustration with harry reid and leadership about this issue of the budget. they know it's a problem. if we don't get our fiscal house in in order. i don't think it's going to be republican rebellion. it will be a bipartisan rebellion if we don't address this budget issue. we need to continue to push this think about it. at home you balance your budget. businesses and it's absurd our country doesn't have a budget right now. >> greta: what do you think of the united states senate.
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you have come in on a wave of frustration on many of the freshman class. what do you think of the senate? >> i would like for us to solve more problems. one of the great surprises, how few votes we have taken. harry reid doesn't want to put any of his members on record for things like a budget because he knows that many of them are up for re-election. i think we should show the political courage and we should vote and do the responsible thing for our country. that has been disappointing because i'm ready. >> greta: sit frustrating in the sense you want to go up and say, let's voted up or down. let's put our cards on the table? >> absolutely. in fact i expressed my frustration before. why deny people the right to get things voted on and make sure we're dealing with a fiscal crisis and putting together a
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good climate for private sector businesses. there are so many regulations that burdening small businesses from this administration. we can't get basic bills up that will help these businesses because harry reid doesn't want to put it up for a vote. >> greta: thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: president obama, taking aim at critics who blame him for soaring gas prices. the g.o.p. candidates argue, increase in domestic oil drilling to reduce gas prices. what is president obama say to that? >> under my administration america is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years. [ cheers and applause ] >> that is a fact. that is a fact.
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we have quadrupled the number of operating oil rigs to a record high. do not fell tell me we are not drilling. we're drilling all over this country. [ cheers and applause ] >> i guess there are a few spots we're not drilling, we're not drilling in the national mall. [ laughter ] >> we're not drilling at your house. [ laughter ] >> greta: poebt does president obama have his facts straight. you heard the president speak. does he have the facts right about the drilling? >> the speech included a series of technically true but misleading statements. so the president is correct in the sense his policies aren't causing the current increase in
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gas prices because drilling takes a long term on line. oil production is at the highest rate it has been in the last eight years. >> greta: he is right about that. why is that misleading when he says that? >> when he says under my administration he is implying because of policies that he has enacted as president. actually, the policies that he's had a role in have decreased drilling on federal lands. >> greta: so the impact is that a net increase of oil production, but he is taking credit for basically something that was done that predated him? >> it's kind of like the oil production has increased in spite of his policies not because of them. in the speech he is also saying, drilling the s at the highest rate but not why gas prices have increased. he trying to take credit that has nothing to do with the price of gas. >> i'm curious why someone would do that. if you are going to brag
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something, you better make sure people aren't going to be fact checking you? >> this issue, it becomes very technical and complicated when you try to get down to the numbers. there is a lot of hot hair air on both side of the aisle. >> greta: where is the hot air on the other side? >> the keystone pipeline. whether you agree with that decision or not. it just happened. it's something that would come online in months or years. the supply impact is not causing the current increase in gas prices. it would eventually impact the price of gas on the margin, more supply causes the price to come down. >> greta: i have another gripe about keystone. when the idea of keystone was proposed they had to do an environmental impact statement. so the company that wanted to build the pipeline, you find someone to do an environmental impact statement. so trans canada found one of
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their buddies, they had environmental impact study done and it came back saying we should do the pipeline. then they realized we can't have somebody in the environmental impact statement that is in tight with the producer. who made that original decision wasted a who lot of time and money and now we have a huge fight. >> right. at the same time environmental impact statements --. >> greta: they should be done with the sense of confidence that doesn't have an interest. >> an appearance of impropriety. >> greta: yes there is an inference of impropriety. >> i think that is fair point. >> greta: so the consequence we're toflg do another statement we're back to square one and incredible political fight. >> right. another interesting thing from speech, obama spent time mocking people holding press conferences
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at gas stations, almost four years to the day he did the exact same thing. there was a lot of managers leading statements. >> greta: and american people just hope we get this straight. that is our job. thank you. >> president obama says they are doing plenty but republican members say it's not enough. they accuse him of playing politics. peter is co-chair of the energy tax team. good evening, sir. >> great to be with you. >> greta: so i take it you are not particularly thrilled with the president obama in terms of how he lays out the energy policy and part of drilling and part domestically? >> if you look at the non-partisan energy information agency, they will tell you that the federal production, in other words, the things that are under president obama's direct control the production is down between 2010 and 2011 in natural gas.
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14%, in oil 10%. to your previous guest there are policies into place that are in the pipeline that have an impact, but the president has a huge problem on his hands and it is this: there are few places that are more public and in your face than gas prices. he has basically whetted himself to a policy and he has declared his state policy, spike energy prices, secretary of energy earlier on has said they want to get to us european style prices. now, all of a sudden they have reached that point. here is where his problem is. there is a relationship between high energy prices which he has advocated and a weak economy. even on the pipeline question, look, set aside the environmental question just for a second. set aside even the pipeline, the pipeline issue for a second. look at the job creation job
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decision he made. he made a decision to cater to a fringe part of his base, fringe environmentalists at the expense of the country and now in an election year it's coming to fruition. >> greta: statement about the secretary of energy and the european style prices, he has dialed it back. that was done before the secretary of energy. the whole thing about the keystone project is president obama faces a very ugly political situation. does he keep unions happy or environmentalists happy and deny the project. that is the problem. he had to make that decision. underlying that was the fundamental absurdity of an having an environmental impact statement by a company that had the appearance of impropriety and everybody knew bit. that should have been known about for a long timer. as a consequence the american people suffer because now we don't have a good environmental
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impact study that we can have great confidence in and we have president torn between two decisions based on political decisions, environmentalists or the union. we've got a congress that looped this into payroll tax. everybody has a really dirty hand in this one. am i wrong? >> i don't think everybody has a dirty hand. american public has an expectation that energy production is going to be abundant and it's going to be wise. this administration has slow walked these permits on federal lands. there is unbelievable opportunities in the mountain west that most experts say could create 1.5 trillion barrels in oil shale production. the abundance is clear but the administration has been passive-aggressive. now these policies are coming to fruition and looking at an election cycle. there is one thing. look, within a stone's throw of
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the studio on the way here, gas in chicago is $4.46 a gallon. it's in everybody's face and it's linked to all aspects of the economy, whether driving down the road. it is the oil no pun intended upon which the commerce of the country moves. >> greta: and his green energy policy with solyndra and other vastly disappointing with capital so it was hoped at least some of that renewable energy would relieve some of the other pressure so the oil would be available for other things. f this has been an unmitigating disaster and the american people are paying for it? >> they are disgusted by it. when the president gave his state of the union message he spoke to it briefly, but in a sense he shrugged it off. he was essentially saying, well
1:17 am
half a billion dollars, you have these kinds of losses. its cost of doing business. it's not a cost of doing business. it's squandering precious resources at a time when our country is borrowing 40 cents on the dollar. >> greta: solyndra wasn't just a bad business decision, it was profoundly stupid one with lots of red flags. not like things happen, but this was something that were a lot of red flags. i'm taking last word on that. congressman, please come back. >> straight ahead, add it to the list. a new law, it looks like the fight is headed to court. also, legislative malpractice. one one arizona lawmaker is calling the new contraception bill. matt hines is always doctor. why is he against the bill? he'll tell you. >> and why did the justice of
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>> greta: you have to show a photo i.d. to board a plane or go to a hotel or even get a library card, how about voting?
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there is outrage in some states about voter i.d. and pennsylvania is the latest to pass a voter i.d. law. civil rights organizations are vowing to fight it what are the identification laws? pennsylvania state representative darrell metcalf joins us. so you sponsored this bill. tell me voters suppression or voter protection? >> definitely voter protection. every american citizen deserves to have their vote protected from corruption to undermine their vote or to cancel it out with fraudulently cast votes. >> greta: if i were a pennsylvania resident and i didn't have a picture i.d., how could i get one and how much would it cost? >> if you are a pennsylvania resident and you don't have one of the many photo ids that can
1:23 am
be used, such as a driver's license or federally issued photo i.d. or from one of our institutions of higher education, from a senior center of living facility, then we would provide free of charge from the state of pennsylvania, from the taxpayers of pennsylvania an i.d. for those that need one to vote. >> greta: there is a catch. you say free of charge but not quite so free of charge i have to get my birth certificate to get this free of charge. how much do i have to pay to debate my birth certificate? >> hopefully you have a birth certificate. >> greta: what if i don't have one. i'm starting for scratch. how much does it cost to get a birth certificate in pennsylvania? >> i am not sure. >> greta: i'll tell you, i do know. i knew it's $10, i didn't mean a
1:24 am
trick question. it's not totally free. is pennsylvania for benefit that can't pay the $10 are they willing to waive that fee. it seems what the biggest gripe about this about these voter ids people can't afford it or can't get to the place to get them. i'm trying to get rid of cost part in pennsylvania. will pennsylvania pay for the underlining documents? >> there is a cost to cast a vote. you have to get yourself to the polls. you have to make sure get there during the time that is allotted. prior going to polls you have to register to vote which takes time, takes securing the registration forms. >> greta: what if you are 85 years old and you are a little bit elderly and you don't have the mobility, but you don't have a picture i.d.? >> there is going to be opportunities for individuals to get that i.d. and for anyone who
1:25 am
is senior that is in a senior residential living facility. those facilities will be allowed to issue ids for their residents. so we've made wide accommodations and modeled our law that was upheld in indiana by the supreme court that 6-3 decision decided that it wasn't overly burdensome to require citizens have an i.d. it's common sense legislation to protect the integrity of the vote so every vote that is cast that vote is counted. that is our goal to ensure that each legally cast vote of every citizen is counted. as a veteran i want to make sure that every citizen is able to vote and their vote is not cancelled out by the forces of corruption as we've seen taken place throughout the history of pennsylvania, overturned elections and prosecutions of a pennsylvania congressman in philadelphia area. we have forces of corruption at
1:26 am
work in our elections across the country. voter i.d. will help us put an end to some of that. >> and governor signed it and passed but only applies to the general election. those that are going to vote in the primary, 24th of april they don't have to produce one. so you are giving breathing room on this one? >> it's a soft rule we're going to require the election workers ask for i.d. during the primary. that will help with the educational process to inform them they need photo i.d. once we get to the election, you will be required to show photo i.d. as you have to in 15 other states. >> greta: are you going to put billboards up, you have to get your photo i.d., you got plenty of time between now and november to eliminate the people people that say i didn't know it? >> the secretary of state spoke at the signing and they have a
1:27 am
plan into place to do mail ins to every voting household in pennsylvania to get the information out to the voters' households. there is going to be quite an educational process undertaken to ensure that voters in pennsylvania know when they go to vote they will need photo i.d. and every law abiding citizen that casts a legal vote their vote will be protected from the forces of corruption that have been able to undercut elections. >> greta: if i show up and forget my photo i.d. i can cast a ballot and put it in a provisional category? >> that is good point. if somebody shows up in november and they don't have their. did i.d. and don't have time, they will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot and then within a time period afterwards, six days afterwards they would need to follow up with their i.d. by faxing that or e-mailing it or delivering it to the county election bureau so they
1:28 am
can prove that was the individual that actually cast that provisional ballot. >> greta: thank you for joining us. we got a big primary in april. coming up, david axelrod answers to charges of hypocrisy and double standards. what do they have to say about recent media attacks on women. and arizona lawmaker who is also a doctor warning against the state's new birth control bill. he says the bill could endanger the treatment to women. the treatment to women. he is here to in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one.
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... >> greta: accusations of double standards swirling around the obama reelection campaign. he has blasted rush limbaugh about his language over a harvard law student. but he also accepted money from bill maher. david axelrod debated the controversy with aaron burnett. >> understand these words that maher has used in the stand-up act. it's a little bit different than not excusable in any way but different an guy with 23 million radio listeners using it to
1:33 am
malign a young woman to speak her mind in most inappropriate grotesque ways and nor does bill maher play that. he is the did he factor boss of the party. >> i see your point that he is not a public figure and sarah palin is. but if somebody called me "c" word. >> aaron, i do -- erin i do not excuse those characterizations of women. i don't think those kind of nasty words about anyone is appropriate in the public sphere. i'm not excusing anyone. >> bottom line, they should keep the bill maher million dollars. >> i don't speak with them. i have not talked to anybody over there or who works for that organization probably for a year or more.
1:34 am
i work with bill burton in the past. i haven't talked to any of those guys. they will have make their own decision and i'm not going to comment on that. as a general rule, i don't think those words belong in the public space. i do think what limbaugh did was particularly egregious. >> greta: what do you think of the obama's campaign response to media attacks on women. post is going on our website. now to the scene. contraception fight and this time the state of arizona, as we told you, arizona lawmakers are pushing a new bill that would permit employers to opt out of providing contraception coverage. now arizona republicans want that opt out extended to businesses not just religious organizations. last night we heard from republican state representative and tonight the other side.
1:35 am
democratic state representative matt hines joins us. nice to see you? >> great to be here. >> greta: i understand you've described -- you are a doctor? >> i am. >> greta: so you call this ledges malpractice? >> any did legislation malpractice. >> ni time policymakers whether federal level or state level act in a way to take control of patient care from the doctors and do this through a policy such as the one we're discussing that does constitute legislative malpractice. >> greta: i take it doctors could still prescribe birth control but the question is who pays for it. so it doesn't step on what the doctors do? >> i think it does. when you look at the ray way the law is written it specifically says that contraceptive
1:36 am
medications if they are for hormone therapy any medical use you actually have to show that to are non-medically trained employer. which means women in their situation, if they go and have a medical condition that requires hormone therapy not for contraception has to reveal private personal information they should be discussing only with their doctor to their untrained employer. i think that is really not the role for big government. >> greta: as i understand it, hormone therapy and there are two uses, one is birth control and one is for other medical problems. is that correct? aside from birth control, right? >> there are many medical conditions that require hormone therapy. >> greta: it's the same whether using for contraception or whether using for other medical problems. so, if the law is written that
1:37 am
it would only be used for other, not for birth control, and that businesses didn't have to pay for it for contraception, would that be a problem for you? >> i think that the fact that we are even discussing this is really disturbing to me. the bill at its core doesn't address any problems. there is no new information in medical science demonstrates there is any risk or danger. >> greta: i don't think it's the risk or danger. there is some people out there. i get the e-mails, for religious reasons do not want to pay birth control in insurance. i'm trying to figure out, in light of the fact that hormonal therapy can have medical uses beyond birth control, i'm trying to figure out a solution so to stop the fight and figure out, you as a doctor can continue to
1:38 am
treat the medical conditions and women can receive it. those that don't want to provide insurance with contraception they don't have to but you can still prescribe it for birth control for contraception and they won't have to pay for it? >> remember, there is current law in arizona, there is a protection for women in circumstances where they need to go outside of their employer to get contraceptive medication, there is a protection against discrimination are being fired in statute. this measure that is about to pass the senate i fear strips out that protection, so women who do the responsible thing, find another source or another way to pay for their prescription contraception ends up being at risk for being discriminated against and fired from their position. >> greta: i'm not sure i follow that. what ishe you might not know but if you
1:39 am
don't get insurance pay for it for birth control pills? do you have any idea? >> it could be as low as mid hundreds and as high as thousands because the cheapest generic birth control has the most complications and people tend not to tolerate it. one other thing. sponsors of this bill talk about religious freedom and quote the first amendment. it's very important to point out that the individual religious freedom applies to those employees who could be affected by this, not just the employer. so i don't see that it's fair or proper for the state of arizona to say that an employer's right to religious freedom of expression should be imposed or trump individuals. >> greta: i don't know if i follow that. there is no question that it's in the constitution, religious freedom and question whether the state is requiring someone to
1:40 am
violate their religious beliefs or not. i think this is one of these arguments there is a good smart way so everyone can work it out where we don't step on people's religious rights. we'll leave it for another day. nice to talk to you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: lines are already forming and stores don't open until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. yes, the new ipad but that isn't the only reason apple is celebrated can. the latest. caught on camera, a robbery at a pizza shop but there is no ordinary robbery. ♪ [ male announcer ] aggressive new styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. ♪ the new c-class with over 2,000 refinements. it's amazing...inside and out.
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a, the appearance. amber. [ jim ] b, balance. sam adams has malt sweetness, hoppy bitterness. [ jim ] c, complexity. pine notes, grapefruit notes. only believe your own pallet. go taste them. >> from america's news headquarters, a tornado destroying homes in southern michigan, rescue crews are searching through the rubble and the worst-hit areas northwest of ann arbor. there have been no reports of injuries, but the storm is
1:45 am
moving southeast. the national weather service says this tornado season started early and has been unusually active. the american soldier accused of killing 16 afghan villagers could be returned to the u.s. on friday. the 38-year-old staff sergeant hasn't been charged yet, but he is suspected of opening fire on villagers, near the base in southern afghanistan last weekend, killing 16 people, nine of them children. the soldier had served 3 tours in iraq before arriving in afghanistan. from new york, now back to "on the record." i'm elizabeth pran in new york and now back to "on the record." >> greta: it's already happening. lines are forming around the world. they are lining up for the new ipad and it's not for sale in most places. it comes out in the united
1:46 am
states and for the first time apple stock shot past the $600 a share mark. nick joins us. and i have few shares in apple stock so i like to watch it. you have seen this new ipad, what is so great about it? >> i think what it comes down to the screen is phenomenal, it has million pixels and it's stung? >> it's remarkable. >> greta: i thought the second one was quite stung. i thought the first one was as well but is it that much different? >> it looks like you put one of those a.c. televisions next to the old tube one it looks that different. they've been able something that is clearer of paper. the retina display is phenomenal. >> greta: how about the camera?
1:47 am
>> the camera is great, too. i didn't have an opportunity to take it outside. i think it does well in bright light. i don't know how well it does in dim light. they have new software on there where you can edit on the fly. >> what is the anticipated sale of this. everybody has been profoundly impressed with one and two. i'm curious how many people are going to graf state. i've got mine coming tomorrow. how many people are going to gravitate towards this new one? >> every time apple invents a new product, iphone 4, it looks to similar to the old one. the iphone 4 has been the best selling smart known ever. i think the same thing is going to happen with the ipad. just like before they'll sell a million over the first weekend and sales will continue for some time. once people is see the device
1:48 am
they realize why they want it. >> greta: phenomenal series in "new york times" about the factory in china that was building these. i thought there would be trouble getting these here to the united states on time. have they resolved the factory problems and worker problems over there for apple? >> no, they haven't. it's going to be some time. apple is machine that is almost unstoppable. you can see that with the stock price. ipad is number one tablet and iphone is number one smart phone. the reason is so good because they have the system that works they can build ipads and get them over here quickly. but it's going to take them a long time to fix the problems. they started committees and looking into ways to make it better especially for the workers over there. >> greta: so you have the best job, you get to live in the beautiful city of san francisco, i think you are the luckiest
1:49 am
journalist? >> and i'm seeing the ipad. >> tomorrow is the big day. nick, i hope you'll come back. >> thank you very much, i appreciate it. >> straight ahead, forget march madness, basketball shot you have to see. also, duchess of cambridge head forward the olympics. wait until you see her eggland's best eggs. the best in nutrition... justot better. high in vitamins d, e, and b12. plus omega 3's. there's one important ingredient that hasn't changed: better taste. better taste. yum! [ female announcer ] eggland's best. the better egg. my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at fore!
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... >> greta: you've seen the top stories but here is the best of the rest. whole new meaning to march madness. this basketball shot is actually unbelievable. a video posted on youtube a teen sinking a basket from a helicopter. chopper was hovering 192 feet in the air and he made the basket. the teen says it set a world record. we're waiting official word. and duvp es of cambridge, playing field hockey and scored a goal. back in school she was captain of the field hockey team but she was nervous playing in front of the pros, she said. she is official ambassador and olympics starts in july. caught on camera, this one is
1:54 am
really weird. a man walks into a pizza shop. no, it's not a joke. florida police say the man walked into a papa john's put on a replies costume that belonged the restaurant and he walked out. police are now on the lookout for the stolen pizza costume. he is about six feet tall and it looks like a slice of pizza. now if you see this pizza, please call the police right away. if that story didn't make you hungry, this one will real. a chick-ofil-fill restaurant had gave first hundred customers flee food for a year. restaurant offers the same deal at all of the grand openings so you might get your chance one day. there you have it. the best of the rest. coming up last call. one more quick call before we turn down the lights. how much trouble can you get in
1:55 am
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there are 400 sleep number stores nationwide, where queen mattresses start at just $699. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. almost everyone has been there. is it really so wrong? >> 35% of americans think it should be illegal for employers to fire you for improper use of facebook at work. the people answered this poll online, at work. so... >> greta: okay. that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop go to greta there a lot of questions there for you to answer about tonight's show. tell us what you liked and what you didn't like about tonight's show. we're willing to listen and want to see what you have to say. keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington, d.c.. we'll see you on greta